Help lender’s clients buying a new home.

Get direct access to buyers before they hit the market.

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Bringing the best opportunities to selected real estate agents

We believe good real estate agents shouldn’t have to waste their time chasing leads. This is why NestReady partners with lenders and connects you with clients at the beginning of the home-buying journey. Learn more about NestReady's referral program and how it can help grow your business.

What we offer

Getting buyers instead of leads

Stop wasting time on cold leads that don’t turn into sales. Connect with homebuyers that have already taken steps towards securing a mortgage.

What we expect

Response Times & Contact Attempts

We trust the quality of the buyers we connect you with. And that’s why we ask of our agents to reply to them within 3 hour after receiving their contact information. Clients not contacted in a timely manner may be connected with another real estate agent.

Never discard a lead after a failed first contact attempt. We ask of our partners to try reaching the lead multiple times within the first 72 hours.

Skip the qualifying part

Your time is better invested in showing properties and closing sales. That’s why we qualify the leads for you, and you can jump in at a stage where your expertise is most needed.

Lead Assignment & Communication Platforms

All homebuyers that find a real estate agent through our platform will first get in touch with our customer service department, who will qualify them, then send their information to the real estate agent via: text message, phone, or email. All partners commit to being reachable through all of these mediums.

Our team will also be in touch with the agent to get updates on the stages of each potential deal. The responsiveness level of the agent will also reflect how he treats NestReady leads and a lack of responsiveness may lead to an end to the partnership.

Join the referral program for
the industry’s top performers.

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Get virtual assistant to help

Skip the back and forth emails with buyers and have appointments scheduled for you automatically.

Updated & Shared Calendar Availabilities

Both property visits and initial consultations can be easily scheduled with no effort on your part. In order to have appointments set with buyers through our virtual assistant system, all our partners agree to share their Google or Outlook calendars with us and to keep them updated at all times.

Only pay when a sale closes

We strongly believe that you shouldn’t pay for a business that doesn’t exist yet. That’s why we don’t get paid until you get paid.

Commission & Referral Agreement

There are no monthly or annual fees associated with our program, and no sign-up costs. However, when a sale closes, all NestReady partners will pay a referral fee of 30% of the total gross commission. This also applies to other home sales or real estate transactions that resulted from the connection.

All real estate agents that want to join our program will be sent a referral agreement that lays out all the requirements of the NestReady program, which they will sign along with their broker of record.

Join the referral program for
the industry’s top performers.

This is an invitation-only, performance-driven program. We retain the right to be very selective with the agents we invite to join the program as well as the right to terminate the partnership if the agent does not meet the high standard of service we promote.

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